Storytelling Through Dance
Storytelling Through Dance
season 4

21:00 - 23:00

$30.00 / 1 Session
$50.00 / 2 Season (0 Sessions)

the Studio

why this class?
Discover the stories and emotions you hold that shape your approach to your relationships in life.

who should come?
Storytelling Through Dance is a workshop for beginner dancers that teaches dance as a restorative, empowering medium for self-expression and self-awareness. This class is useful for anyone curious about what internal habits are leading them to open or close possibilities in their personal and professional relationships.

what will you get in each class?
  • Learn the moves of a new routine centered around a particular theme. (Past themes have included Strength, Healing, Acceptance.)
  • Explore how different physical actions affect our range of thinking and feeling.
  • A safe space to dance out what you have been feeling for the past week- or year.
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