Writing for Impact 1
Writing for Impact 1
1 Cycle
1 Cycle

19:30 - 22:00

$300.00 / 1 Person (0 Lessons)
$550.00 / 2 Person (0 Lessons)
$820.00 / 3 Person (0 Lessons)

112 Middle Road #08-01 Singapore

why this class?
Come and discover how to draw deep from the well of your identity, develop the power of your individual voice, and sharpen your pitch to the world.

who should come?
You could be an entrepreneur wanting to develop your personal brand of thought leadership to shift your industry. Or perhaps you work within a system, but hope to transform your organisation one memo, one report and one speech at a time. Maybe you are a casual observer nurturing a growing ambition to speak out more on issues you care about.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you are already using writing as a medium for change. You just want to learn new ways to sharpen your pitch to the world.

what will you get in each class?
  • Learn a framework that gives insight into the roots of emotional connection
  • Craft a piece of writing for connection and resonance
  • Put your own words into powerful practice
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