Power of Song
Power of Song
Cycle 1

19:30 - 21:30

$120.00 / 1 set
$50.00 / 1 unit

112 Middle Road, Level 8

why this class?
Music and song play an integral part of our everyday life. They have the ability to inspire to inspire, educate and as the wise Bono of U2 fame said 'Music has the power to change the world as it can change people'. Let Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, Adele and Justin Bieber be your teachers as we explore themes of identity, relationships and purpose. In this engaging and interactive series of workshops, we discuss and explore ideas and truths expressed in the medium of song. Let the 'Power of Song' equip you with useful tools to help in your personal growth journey and in your developing of relationships.

who should come?
This workshop is relevant to anyone who desires to grow in areas of identity, relationships and purpose. Of course, those who are keen music lovers are especially welcome.

Workshop Outline
6 Jun - Session 1: I'm Looking Through You (IDENTITY)
13 Jun - Session 2: All You Need is Love (RELATIONSHIPS)
20 Jun - Session 3: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (PURPOSE)

what will you get in each class?
  • A broadened understanding of how songs communicate powerful ideas relevant to your life journey
  • A box of tools that will help increase your self awareness, enrich your relationships, and sharpen decision making
  • Growth in empathy and understanding for others by engaging with new perspectives
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