As a teacher at School of Thought, Tze Lin believes in the power of youth and holds a firm resolve to make a difference in the lives of her students. She pioneered and structured School of Thought’s Repeat Students Programme in 2015, offering curriculum and counselling support for students who want to repeat their A Level examinations.

Tze Lin is also a big champion of the Singapore dance scene and desires to see our local dancers make it big on the international stage. Her dance training of more than 10 years led her to set up the dance society, D’MVMT, in her alma mater, and the very first Community Dance Camp in Singapore. Tze Lin runs Storytelling Through Dance on Brave New World, a dance workshop that aims to marry somatic learning with dance to journey with individuals to use dance as a medium to better tell their life stories.

Tze Lin graduated with First Class Honours in Sociology from University of Bristol. She does not think 'SPG' is a pejorative term and is addicted to Fisherman's Friend.
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