Lim Ling Hong
Lim Ling Hong
Ling Hong is passionate about designing experiences that have people challenge their status quo, broaden their perspectives, and have them discover what they care about. In her work, she builds new ways for people to have meaningful conversations with each other to better understand and communicate with one another.

Though a Political Science graduate from the National University of Singapore, her keen interest in experiential learning and people development drew her to embark on further learning in the field of coaching, and she completed her New field Ontological Coaching Diploma last year.

Endlessly curious and known within The Thought Collective as the “Queen of Pun”, puns pop up in her head like popcorn, sometimes to the bemusement of others. She is also fascinated by brilliant game design, and enjoys playing Game of Thrones or defeating monsters and finding treasure in Dungeons & Dragons. While not punning or playing, she can be found chasing down interesting experiences curated by local designers and artists.
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