Loong graduated with first class honours in Education from Cambridge University. A philosophy, literature and TOK teacher of nine years, Loong felt challenged to be authentic to what he was sharing in the classroom on ‘living out and following the dreams on your hearts’. He thus set out on a journey to inspire his students by taking the steps to truly live out his own. As a singer-songwriter, Loong has been a headline act on the London music scene but has also performed internationally in venues as diverse as the Peninsula Hotel and a lepers’ colony in India. As a music producer, his adventures have taken him to work with musical groups in Myanmar and China as well as actively supporting the budding local music scene in Singapore. Self described as a ‘sojourner trying to make sense of a mixed up world one song at a time’, Loong believes in the power of music to change people and communities in positive ways.

'Powerful, touching songs, which cut to the heart in their honesty and invite reflection.' Barry Gardner, Engineer to Ronnie Wood, Craig David
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