Matt Tang
Matt Tang
Thinkery has conducted financial literacy courses for children and young adults. Armed with an interactive financial board game, come along as we play, learn and navigate through the interesting world of personal finance and understand our relationship with money! Trust us, it's not as complex as it seems!

Matthew is the founder of Thinkery, a financial literacy platform that uses games to teach financial savviness. He is not a millionaire, and he does not claim he can make you one, but he wants to impart his knowledge. He has been investing since 2011 and now wants to impact society by empowering others with the skills of investing and personal finance; simply because everybody deserves to know. Join us as we understand the workings of money and it's impact on us.

What we will cover:
- Understand how money affects us an our relationships
- Debunk the myths of personal finance and investing
- Come to a safe environment to learn about investing, saving and financial savviness
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